Urban Logistics

Get closer to your customers with the best locations near and within the majority of cities in Europe.

Why start an urban logistics Project ?

  • Reduce transportation costs

  • Secure daily deliveries to your hubs and customers

  • Secure one-day delivery to your customers

The Connected Network

Work with the best Close to Any city in europe

If you want to sell to city-dwellers, Spacefill gives you a go-to-market competitive advantage. Connect you to the widest urban logistics plug & play solutions in Europe.

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The best locations


SpaceFill network connects you to the best experts of Urban Logistics wherever you need them in Europe. Scale your supply chain through one partner to reach your customers wherever they are.



Ultra-flexible logistics

Adapt your warehousing capacities and network in real time. SpaceFill’s flexible model that enables you to benefit unlimited storage capacity within the connected network.



Collaboration Becomes simple

Manage all your logistics on one platform for better planned and seamless operations between all parties.


As one of the leaders of online grocery shopping & delivery, Gorillas needs to scale fast in a very competitive market. It means being able to deliver perfect service to a very demanding audience. All of the time.

In order to do that, Gorillas has to build the best logistical solutions to replenish their darkstores. Not only that but it needs to operate them with the cutting-edge technology that will give them a competitive advantage. When Gorillas expanded in Paris they were looking for a warehouse to deliver their goods to all their French dark stores.


With unmatched knowledge of the European network, Spacefill was able to build a solution perfectly suited to Gorillas’ complex needs. A warehouse that would be both able to store Gorillas’ goods wide diversity in 3 temperatures (frozen, chilled and ambiant) that was then equipeed & operated on-demand by the Spacefill team.

Our platform allows them to simply manage procurement and shipping with a connected warehouse, giving them real-time visibility into the warehouse that would have been unattainable if they had been doing it manually through mails & Ecxcel.


Setting up both a warehousing solution and the software integration in less than a month has been a game-changer for Gorillas. Spacefill is taking care of both the digital and logistical complexity of the company’s launch in Paris. It enables Gorillas to focus on building other key parts of its services, especcialy its local delivery centers all accross the french capital.

The best is to come as Gorillas can now leverage Spacefill connected network to build plug & play solutions all over Europe. This go-to-market advantage is going to bey key in order to outperform the competition in every city it wants to enter in the coming years.

Why Spacefill?

Ensuring the best logistics outsourcing experience

Spacefill Local 3PL Enterprise 3PL
Partner identification 24 hours 3 weeks on average 2 weeks on average
Contractualisation Standardized Complex Customized
Inventory capacities Unlimited Very limited Limited
Transportation capabilities Included Rarely included Sometimes included
Set up
Time to launch A few days Several weeks Several weeks
Customer support Yes No Paid service
System Connectivity EDI integration, WebEdi, API Rare Rare
Insurance Included through our partner Axa Not included Rare
Time to integrate 3 weeks Several months Several months
Connected Management
Collaboration Unified Excel, email, phone... Excel, email, phone, shared drive...
Operational Management 50% time saving Not processed and prone to error Processed but still complex and seldom digital
Visibility of stocks Real time No Manual
Data analysis SpaceFill Dashboards No No
Multi-warehousing Included No Up to 5 locations
Dispute resolution In-app No Complex processes
International footprint Everywhere in Europe No Most of the time

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