The ultimate control tower to rule your supply chain.

The SpaceFill platform centralizes all operations with your logistics partners. Connect them in the cloud to optimize your workflows, unify data sources and save time and money. This is simplified logistics.

Your logistics partners have never been easier to manage

  • Say goodbye to manual or Excel management of your 3PLs

  • Say goodbye to having no visibility on your inventories and orders

  • Say goodbye to costly and long integrations with your partners

Your logistics headquarters, in the cloud

  • Optimize

    Increase the efficiency of your supply chain

  • Collaborate

    Reduce errors significantly with unified management

  • Visualize

    Real-time monitoring of your logistics network and stock

  • Connect

    Flexible adjustment of the storage capacity on demand


Partners connected to the SpaceFill platform


Connected networks currently operating on the platform


Operational errors avoided


Reduced operations management time

Full Transparency Full Connectivity Full Control Full Transparency Full Connectivity Full Control Full Transparency Full Connectivity Full Control

1. Real-time stock levels

Maximum Transparency

Minimum hassle: View your stocks in every warehouse in your logistics network at any time.

2. Order management

All In One Place

Manage all your orders directly on the SpaceFill dashboard and say goodbye to document and email chaos.

3. KPI's and reporting

Actionable Data Analytics

Get access to every data of your supply chain for more control, more transparency and better business decisions.

4. Optimization

Smarter Logistics

Thanks to analysis, automations and smart actions you can optimize logistics operations before issues arise.

The Connected Network

Spacefill is connected to the best logistic partners, everywhere in Europe

With SpaceFill you access the largest connected network of logistics experts in Europe in the best way possible.

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Fully integrate ERP, WMS & TMS all in one place

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“Not only Spacefill was able to build the best solution in a crowded market but it enabled us to build a state-of-the art connected solution that helps us better serve our customer and provide stellar SLA.”

Thanks to SpaceFill, we were able to build a 10+ connected warehousing network to absorb inventory overflow. My supply chain network has never been this easy to monitor and operate. Less complexity, less management time, less errors, it has been a game-changer for us.


“Thanks to SpaceFill’s platform my logistics network has never been this to monitor and operate. Less complexity.”



Can I use the platform for my own network ?

You can connect the platform to your warehouses through API or EDI to gain better control over your own network. Reduce management time by 50% and errors by more than 90%.


How many users can I onboard on the platform ?

There is no limit to the number of user you can onboard to the platform.


How does the platform connect to the logistics partners ?

The connection is made directly to the partners WMS through EDI or API connections.

Access SpaceFill’s connected Warehousing network directly from your web browser

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