Europe’s largest connected warehousing network

With more than 1.500 partners, SpaceFill connects you to an Europe-wide network of warehouses, logistics providers and services. Find and manage options that suit best to your business needs as soon as they arise.

An optimized cloud-based logistics network allows you to respond quickly to market changes by balancing demand and capacity of your warehouses at any time.

Tailored-made solutions


What do you get in the SpaceFill network?

Whatever your need our teams build the best solution (warehousing & transportation) with the best-suited partner in the SpaceFill network.

Absolute scalability


What do you get in the SpaceFill network?

Adapt your capacities and services at your convenience you only pay what you need. From 1 to 100 warehouses.

Uninterrupted connectivity


What do you get in the SpaceFill network?

While your network evolves, you control the entire network through one connection thanks to the SpaceFill platform.

Collaborate with the best B2B logistics experts in Europe Collaborate with the best B2B logistics experts in Europe Collaborate with the best B2B logistics experts in Europe
  • Logistics storage
  • Transport
  • Cross-docking
  • Picking
  • Repalletizing
  • Emergency
  • Urban logistics
  • Tailor-made

Build your connected warehousing network


Why Spacefill?

Ensuring the best logistics outsourcing experience

Spacefill Local 3PL Enterprise 3PL
Partner identification 24 hours 3 weeks on average 2 weeks on average
Contractualisation Standardized Complex Customized
Inventory capacities Unlimited Very limited Limited
Transportation capabilities Included Rarely included Sometimes included
Set up
Time to launch A few days Several weeks Several weeks
Customer support Yes No Paid service
System Connectivity EDI integration, WebEdi, API Rare Rare
Insurance Included through our partner Axa Not included Rare
Time to integrate 3 weeks Several months Several months
Connected Management
Collaboration Unified Excel, email, phone... Excel, email, phone, shared drive...
Operational Management 50% time saving Not processed and prone to error Processed but still complex and seldom digital
Visibility of stocks Real time No Manual
Data analysis SpaceFill Dashboards No No
Multi-warehousing Included No Up to 5 locations
Dispute resolution In-app No Complex processes
International footprint Everywhere in Europe No Most of the time

Connected partners in Europe


Connected network currently operated by clients on the platform.


of logistics professionals


Customer support

The platform

One app for all logistics activities.

The SpaceFill app is all you need to manage your logistics network in an efficient and easy way. All your logistics operations are implemented seamlessly and transparently in the cloud-based SaaS. It simplifies your logistics and saves you a lot of time.




How do you choose your partners ?

In order to provide you with the best service, the partners are carefully selected and audited before they enter the Spacefill network.


Are my goods insured in the SpaceFill network ?

Your goods can be insured through our partnership with AXA up to 15M€.


Why shouldn’t I work with the partner directly ?

Spacefill provides both you and your partner the best collaboration experience through its platform. You reduce management time and errors.


Does SpaceFill own its connected network ?

Spacefill does not own its network. We collaborate with the largest audited network of logistics partners all over Europe.


How are the partner and the platform connected ?

The connection is made directly to the partners WMS through EDI or API connections.

Stop wasting time. Simplify your logistics.

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