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Build, manage and optimize your warehousing network in the Cloud. Always flexible, always connected.

Why should you bet on long term outsourcing ?

  • Say goodbye to high fixed costs. you only pay for the space you need.

  • Monitor and manage your network with state-of-the-art technology.

  • Optimize your warehousing network to suit your evolving needs.

The Connected Network

Build on the cloud for the long term

Long term outsourcing in the Spacefill network gives you both the flexibility and the connectivity you need to conquer any logistical challenge. Logistics as it should be.

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SpaceFill network connects you to the best experts of Urban Logistics wherever you need them in Europe. Scale your supply chain through one partner to reach your customers wherever they are.



Ultra-flexible logistics

Adapt your warehousing capacities and network in real time. SpaceFill’s flexible model that enables you to benefit unlimited storage capacity within the connected network.



Collaboration Becomes simple

Manage all your logistics on one platform for better planned and seamless operations between all parties.



Never lose track of your stocks

Stay up to date about every step of your supply chain partners with real-time access to valid and transparent data.



Spend your logistics budget wisely

Save time and money by adapting quickly to market changes with less fixed costs and increased efficiency.


As for many retailers, Leroy Merlin is facing a space dilemma. The company
both wants to maximise the space in stores to be able to sell more but needs
to carry enough inventory so it never loses a sell due to product unavailability.

When you have a network of 141 stores only in France, this problem can have a
major impact on the bottom-line of the entire group. This is why Leroy Merlin needed
to rethink its supply chain from the ground-up to both maximise its store storage
space and insure that product would always be available for the customer.


Spacefill identified that the best solution for Leroy Merlin was to benefit from
unlimited an flexible storage capacities next to their stores. For any Leroy Merlin
store, whatever is location, Spacefill has been able to connect the store to a
warehouse close-by.

Thanks to the density of the Spacefill network, Leroy Merlin could choose the locations
that made sense and would limit transportations costs and CO2 emissions.

Moreover, Spacefill not only activated the solution but also connected it through
its platform. It means that every store manager now benefits from a state-of-the-art
platform to manage its inventories as it sees fit.


Leroy Merlin is now able to adapt its storage capacities to its needs in a few
clicks. Leroy Merlin’s connected network has now attained 14 locations and new
stores are joining every month.

Thanks to the platform Leroy Merlin has a unique source of truth for every store within
its network.
This dramatically reduces errors as Spacefill and the HQ have built a common
process to activate, connect and operate externalized storage.

Now every store can easily make sure it both increases selling space (by reducing
the need for local inventory) and always has in store what its clients needs (by having
inventory close by). Some store even increased their turnover by 35% since they
implemented the solution.

Why Spacefill?

Ensuring the best logistics outsourcing experience

Spacefill Local 3PL Enterprise 3PL
Partner identification 24 hours 3 weeks on average 2 weeks on average
Contractualisation Standardized Complex Customized
Inventory capacities Unlimited Very limited Limited
Transportation capabilities Included Rarely included Sometimes included
Set up
Time to launch A few days Several weeks Several weeks
Customer support Yes No Paid service
System Connectivity EDI integration, WebEdi, API Rare Rare
Insurance Included through our partner Axa Not included Rare
Time to integrate 3 weeks Several months Several months
Connected Management
Collaboration Unified Excel, email, phone... Excel, email, phone, shared drive...
Operational Management 50% time saving Not processed and prone to error Processed but still complex and seldom digital
Visibility of stocks Real time No Manual
Data analysis SpaceFill Dashboards No No
Multi-warehousing Included No Up to 5 locations
Dispute resolution In-app No Complex processes
International footprint Everywhere in Europe No Most of the time

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