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Why start a cross-docking project?

  • Reduce transportation costs

  • Insure trucks are optimized and smartly regroup orders for various suppliers

  • Better serve your distribution network

The Connected Network

Your cross-docking networK Is a few clicks away

With SpaceFill, you have access the largest cross-docking connected network in Europe.


Multiple locations


Activate plug & play solutions within the largest connected network in Europe. With Spacefill you are assured that you will collaborate with the best warehouse available in your area of choice?



Ultra-flexible logistics

Adapt your warehousing capacities and network in real time. SpaceFill’s flexible model that enables you to benefit unlimited storage capacity within the connected network.



Collaboration Becomes simple

Manage all your logistics on one platform for better planned and seamless operations between all parties.



Never lose track of your stocks

Stay up to date about every step of your supply chain partners with real-time access to valid and transparent data.



Spend your logistics budget wisely

Save time and money by adapting quickly to market changes with less fixed costs and increased efficiency.


As many retailers, IKEA faced a lot of unexpected events in 2021. One of the most dramatic was the closing of the stores due to the second lockdown in France.

In a few weeks Magnus Westerberg had to find a way not to break its supply chains by adding overflow capacities to its stores that would still receive goods from the production centers.

Moreover, IKEA wanted to make its store supplies more flexible and unify its management of local logistics partners.


To meet ID Logistics demands, Spacefill was able to build a perfect match. First by identifying a solution within the connected network that contains most of the best cross-docking solutions around the clients needs.

Having chosen the solution, Spacefill helped the client define a clear set of specifications and worked with the warehouse in order to adapt the partner’s activity to the retailers requirements.

While the warehouse was not used to working night hours (that were mandatory to meet the clients demand), Spacefill was able to advise both parties in finding a solution. Now the partners has opened new business lines and increased its turnover while meeting ID Logistics needs. A win-win for both parties involved.


Thanks to Spacefill’s connected cross-docking warehouse, ID Logistics is now able to perfectly meet its clients needs without investing in a new facility which would have been a long and costly endeavor.

Through higher SLA, the company can now better fidelize its clients. Shall the needs evolve, ID Logistics knows they it can use the flexibility of the Spacefill network to adapt to the new situation.

Moreover, thanks to the platform connectivity capacities, ID logistics has unmatched control on its solution. The company is able to better collaborate with all stakeholders and provide state-of-the-art reporting and billing to its client. A clear competitive advantage in an industry where digitization is often lacking.

Why Spacefill?

Ensuring the best logistics outsourcing experience

Spacefill Local 3PL Enterprise 3PL
Partner identification 24 hours 3 weeks on average 2 weeks on average
Contractualisation Standardized Complex Customized
Inventory capacities Unlimited Very limited Limited
Transportation capabilities Included Rarely included Sometimes included
Set up
Time to launch A few days Several weeks Several weeks
Customer support Yes No Paid service
System Connectivity EDI integration, WebEdi, API Rare Rare
Insurance Included through our partner Axa Not included Rare
Time to integrate 3 weeks Several months Several months
Connected Management
Collaboration Unified Excel, email, phone... Excel, email, phone, shared drive...
Operational Management 50% time saving Not processed and prone to error Processed but still complex and seldom digital
Visibility of stocks Real time No Manual
Data analysis SpaceFill Dashboards No No
Multi-warehousing Included No Up to 5 locations
Dispute resolution In-app No Complex processes
International footprint Everywhere in Europe No Most of the time

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