Move your supply chain to the Cloud

The Cloud supply chain is the union of both SpaceFill’s SaaS platform and its warehousing network that enables you to rule, scale and optimize your supply chain. For SpaceFill clients, storing physical goods is now as easy as storing data in the Cloud.

They already are on the Cloud They already are on the Cloud They already are on the Cloud

You can build anything on the Cloud

Y0ur supply chain is smarter in the cloud

  • Optimize

    Prevent errors before they occur, make smarter decisions using data

  • Collaborate

    Reduce errors significantly with unified management

  • Visualize

    Real-time monitoring of your logistics network and stock

  • Connect

    Flexible adjustment of the storage capacity on demand



Ultra-flexible logistics

Adapt your warehousing capacities and network in real time. SpaceFill’s flexible model that enables you to benefit unlimited storage capacity within the connected network.



Collaboration Becomes simple

Manage all your logistics on one platform for better planned and seamless operations between all parties.



Never lose track of your stocks

Stay up to date about every step of your supply chain partners with real-time access to valid and transparent data.



Spend your logistics budget wisely

Save time and money by adapting quickly to market changes with less fixed costs and increased efficiency.


Connected partners in Europe


Connected network currently operated by clients on the platform.


of logistics professionals


Customer support

How do you move to the cloud?

We analyze your network and your needs

You integrate with the SpaceFIll platform and design your connected network

Scale, adapt and optimize your network as your needs evolve

Striving for greener supply chains

  • Reduce transportation costs

  • Only use the space you need

  • We mutualise unused space in a sustainable way

Let’s move your supply chain to the Cloud

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