Flexible Connected Warehousing

What we do

SpaceFill offers unlimited warehousing and freight capacities with best-in-class level of service and connectivity.

Integrated with the largest network of logistics partners in Europe, our Enterprise Software provides facilitated collaboration, centralized information and real-time visibility on your stocks.

The future of supply chain is in the cloud

Say goodbye to piecing together software and
3PL that don’t fit together. Thanks to
SpaceFill’s platform and connected network
you manage & adapt your supply chain all from
one place.

The platform to rule your supply chain and never loose connectivity

Leverage SpaceFill’s connected network to add and connect any 3PL warehouse based on your needs



Ultra-flexible logistics

Adapt your warehousing capacities and network in real time. SpaceFill’s flexible model that enables you to benefit unlimited storage capacity within the connected network.



Collaboration Becomes simple

Manage all your logistics on one platform for better planned and seamless operations between all parties.



Never lose track of your stocks

Stay up to date about every step of your supply chain partners with real-time access to valid and transparent data.



Spend your logistics budget wisely

Save time and money by adapting quickly to market changes with less fixed costs and increased efficiency.

The Platform

One Virtual Control Tower to rule your supply chain.

Connect and manage all your logistics partners operations directly from your web browser. Logistics as it should be.

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The Connected Network

The largest network in Europe

With SpaceFill you access to the widest range of expertise in order to build your warehousing network.

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SpaceFill connects your entire Supply Chain all-in-one place SpaceFill connects your entire Supply Chain all-in-one place SpaceFill connects your entire Supply Chain all-in-one place

What should you do with SpaceFill?

Connect your network to the SpaceFill platform to visualize, manage and optimize your logistic network


Integrate with your warehouse through the SpaceFill platform


Get real time data of your network of logistics network (inventory, orders...)


Manage all your orders directly on the SpaceFill dashboard and say goodbye to document and email chaos.


Increase the efficiency of your supply chain.

Once connected, collaborate with the largest logistics network in Europe to adapt your supply chain to your needs

Long term outsourcing

Build a warehousing network using the ecosystem of SpaceFill partners


Adapt your storage capacity to your needs by working with the best partner in the connected network.

Urban Logistics

Get closer to your urban customers

Cross Docking

Connect with the best cross-docking partner

Thanks to SpaceFill, we were able to build a 10+ connected warehousing network to absorb inventory overflow. My supply chain network has never been this easy to monitor and operate. Less complexity, less management time, less errors, it has been a game-changer for us.


Spacefill enables us to manage our warehouse in the most simple way. More than 20 people directly collaborate on the platform. This is a key competitive advantage in our industry where speed and service level are all but optional”.


“Not only Spacefill was able to build the best solution in a crowded market but it enabled us to build a state-of-the art connected solution that helps us better serve our customer and provide stellar SLA.”

Move your Supply Chain to the Cloud and make logistics your competitive advantage.

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